Company Profile

UWC ELECTRIC is a professional electromagnetic locks manufacturer in the SEA region, with facility within the Malaysia region. UWC Electric is a subsidiary of UWC Holdings, a renowned manufacturer for precision components in the industry with a yearly sales turn over of USD 40 million. The UWCE's are a group of young & dynamic designers, engineers, and marketers who have been in the consumer electronics industry for a long time. Together, involved in the design and manufacturing of numerous security products which is marketed locally and worldwide.

Our emphasis has always been customer satisfaction, on meeting customer needs with the right products for their particular applications. A commitment to excellent quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery has enhanced our company reputation in the security industry.

We offer a wide range of product choices for selection (300lbs, 600lbs and 1200lbs, surface or flush mount, single and double opening door type).Since the design and manufacture of the products that UWCE sells is under direct control, we are more familiar than anyone else with how these products work. We can provide you with all documentation, including the installation manual, before you buy. And with the click of a mouse and a few keystrokes you can feedback to us, the UWCE design team, what you like, or what we can do better, in addition to asking us any technical questions.

The bottom line is, with UWCE you are going to get the products at incredible prices. This may be consider a cooperative venture between you and UWCE, your new source for superb magnetic locks.

We, at UWCE continuously strives to stay ahead of the pace of technological development and market demand. Ease of use and installation, as well as the highest level of quality are all standard features in UWCE's product range.   

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